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Beast Shar-Kade  16 TB / 64TB HDD ONLY  Add-On



P.S. If you are looking to buy the Retrobeast 16 / 112TB, go to my other listing and pages.

We create

The Most Complete Retro Arcade in the World!


In collaboration with Dean from Shar-Kade
and Kris from Kriscoolmod
we have merged both setups to create a 112TB Monster!


Shard-Kade is Hyperspin base + a Starter Pack that is 48TB
+ Retrobeast 4 x 16TB Drive O P Q R has been added 

For a Total of 112TB, TERROR byte Ultimate Retro Beast Arcade


So how does it work?
After you buy a Cabinet from Shar-Kade you can add any Retrobeast 16TB Drives O P Q R 
in any order and also can buy drives later.
It's Plug and Play.

*The D & E is not compatible with any Shar-Kade Cabinet setup!

Also, No updates are offered on O P Q R Drive since they are full and working 

any Bug Fixes if needed will be provided via the Shar-Kade Drive.


All Hard Drive is internal

Also, you need to have an X-Input Controller
I suggest the new Pacto Board for your Arcade 
or you can use an Xbox One Controller.

Just tell me in Chat or comment which Drive Letter you would like.

Also, you need to buy any External Enclosure 1 / 2/ 5 Bays as you need from me, or you can also buy your Own 
Also, ask Dean if you can plug my Drive internally before.

Also, my Drive O P Q R is identical as the 96TB Retrobeast 
So the games list is the same minus some duplicated games or systems we remove from the Shar-Kade Launcher.

The game & System list are on the Beast Sha-Kade pages + Link to OneDrive.

FREE Shipping in the USA & Canada

Extra for other countries

10 DAYS Delivery Time anywhere in the World with Express tracking

No Taxes are charged, and only declare $100 for customs.

Happy Retro Gaming!

Beast Shar-Kade  16 TB / 64TB HDD ONLY  Add-On

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