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From buyers and YouTube reviewers!

Retrobeast is based on player feedback 100% Satisfaction! 


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Is The Kris CoolMod RetroBeast 2TB Plug & Play Game Drive Worth It? #pcgaming #gamingcommunity
BEST Light Gun PC Gaming Build Ever Made! | Kris Coolmod RetroBeast 2TB Game Drive @KrisCoolmod
BEST Lightgun PC Build EVER?!
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Retrobeast Review 3 years later.
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Retro Beast 1TB Micro SD Gaming Drive Is LOADED!
This emulation drive is NUTS! (4TB Mini Retro Beast by KrisCoolMod)
96TB Gaming Hard Drive Has Every Game Ever
RetroBeast 96TB Emulation Gaming Build By @KrisCoolmod Is MASSIVE! THIS IS CRAZY!!
The RetroBeast Has EVERY System On It - Even Nintendo Switch!
This Emulation Gaming Build Is INSANE! RetroBeast Mini 4TB Build From @KrisCoolmod
4TB Gaming Hard Drive Has Every Game Ever - Must See
BEST Emulation Console Ever!! - 4TB Drive FULL of Games 🔥
Retro Beast Emulation Hard Drive - Great For Retro Gaming!?
RetroBeast Review.
Image by Ben Neale

even1734 - Discord - 27 Decembre 2023

Bonjour à tous, je m'exprime ici en français afin de partager mon expérience avec nos amis francophones et surtout parce que mon anglais est encore pire que celui de Kriss (sans rancune). J'ai récemment acheté l'ensemble "stand alone retro shooter 2tb". J'ai reçu mon achat rapidement. Je suis VRAIMENT impressionné avec la qualité générale de cet ensemble! J'avais commencé à me faire un kit moi même avec une autre plate-forme. Je regrette maintenant d'y avoir investi autant de temps. Mon ensemble perso n'aurait jamais été au niveau de ce que Kriss et son équipe sont parvenu à faire! Je suis assidûment toutes les vidéos de mise-à-jour et d'évolution sur YouTube. Je possède un ensemble de fusils retroshooter et celui-ci vaut maintenant son pesant d'or depuis que je l'utilise avec votre mod! J'envisage maintenant Très sérieusement upgrader mon enseimble pour acquérir la bête! (retro beast 100to). La qualité et l'amour investi dans la création dans mon kit de base m'a convaincu davantage de l'ensemble de l'oeuvre! Longue vie à toute l'équipe et merci à Kriss de nous partager ainsi sa passion!

Eyeguy - Discord - 12 March 2024

I have been using the 4tb RB for a couple of months in my 4 player arcade cabinet. For an old guy who grew up on the video games of the 80’s and early 90’s, I have to say that the 4tb drive is mind blowing!  It is well worth the money especially when monthly updates are included. Also the amount of help by the experts on this Discord channel with any issues that may pop is priceless. Hands down this is the best retro gaming system that I have used….and I have made a lot of previous purchases that I regret. If you are on the fence…just buy it!!  You will not regret it!  Thank you to Kris and his support crew!   Keep up the amazing work.

Vidal_vd2021 - Discord - 3 April 2024
My 2tb syncovery was complete when I got home yesterday.  Just had to do some of the initial setup items, again, and I was back in business.  This is Absolutely the Best Light gun Drive available. I can compare because I have three other light gun drives. All have their pros and cons but Kris' Retro Beast rises above the others. No One Else, and I've asked two of the other drive builders, was willing to even attempt to add Mamehooker. I also had two updates made to one of the drives and had to pay  each time for the service and shipping the drive to them for the update.  Retro Beast has 160, iirc, games co figured for and working with Mamehooker and Kris is currently working on adding an HD version! Gun4ir and Retro Beast are the perfect combo.

DKRaptor — 

Have had for almost a month now and it’s been amazing. I have a massive console collection with multi discs, but the ease of use let’s me come back to my Beast daily. I was feeling a lot of gaming fatigue: long days at work, kids, life. Couldn’t be bothered to choose a console and then a game. This makes it so simple. My gaming time has increased, no more time spent setting up old stuff, and I can play whatever my heart desires. If you are hesitating - just do it!!!


SadRomeo 13 July 2023

I really wish I did YouTube videos because I would add my review video.  However, since I cannot, I will say that the quality and production of the RetroBeast 5 mini is incredible.  You can tell a lot of work and dedication went into creating this magnificent collection.  Everything works flawlessly and it would take a lifetime just to run through each game.  I was really impressed with the quality.  I have other external drive collections from other creators (a 2 TB one and a 5TB one ) and the quality of this drive really blows those out of the water.  Just from the sheer amount of games, to the presentation of each game, to the predetermined title collections (like Mortal Kombat collection or Pokemon collection ), to the ease of which to set this drive up has been nothing short of a pleasure to use.  I have installed this on various laptops and even on the RoG ally with complete success and happily playing on which device I want when I want.  I love this device/collection so much that I plan very shortly on purchasing the bigger badder xx/96T collection.  Really excited to jump into that.  Thank you KrisCoolMod for such an amazing collection and wonderful device!  I can't wait to get into more!



I have to chime in and say that the Retrobeast 96tb is the only way to go if you consider yourself a true gamer. Make sure and get the right computer. Don't just get a computer that can just do the job but one that will and some more. Kris has some great setup's ready to go. I too thought of the expense and whether it was as good as everyone was saying. But magnify that by five and you still may not be there, By it. Don't hesitate. It will blow your mind. Just do it


The 4tb Retrobeast Mini is no compromise! It is literally a cut down version of the 96tb Retrobeast, with the best of the best. Arcade, Console, Handheld, Computer, Pinball, Mags and Settings. Settings is a great feature allowing you to customise the look of your set up in exactly the same way as the full system. Something like 20,000 games all working perfectly and with beautiful looking bezels just like the full system. So you now have a very neat drive allowing you take Retrobeast with you where ever you go with your Laptop or handheld. If you have a limited budget this is perfect for use on all devices including your PC at home. The full 96tb is something else, but this 4tb set up is superbly put together and will give you endless hours of gaming fun for years to come, especially as you will have free updates available to keep it up to date a fix any bugs, not that I found any. Can definitely recommend.


From a @PATREON and one of the first to buy the Retrobeast : Thank you Kris. Btw. You are doing a wonderful job. The beast needed all the grooming you are doing. And it’s truly miles above where it was when I come on board.


2 Ps3 complete /2ps4 complete /1 hyperspin 50tb complete 1 retrobeast 96Tb complete many pi4 complete come on guys here is what we call king of Retro very serious and trust absolutely ! Don’t waste your time and money buy them on Kriscoolmod site and enjoy plug and play !


Retrobeast4 96To is without comparison the best possible system in the world... constantly evolving thanks to its brilliant creator gentleman Kris who constantly, monthly, updates the system and fixes the smallest details, offering a responsive and generous after-sales service. And the Dream comes true for the Retrogamers... In short, it's a must have ! Totally insane !!!

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