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The Most Complete Retro Arcade in the world !


16 96tb.png

50 years of pure gaming Experience

That run all generations from the 1970s up to date

Yes I am building the Beast Drive for many year now and its really amazing and optimize with all feature and retro stuff that a gamer need to enjoy.

Free Feature;

- Free Monthly update

- new games and new stuff 

- emulator up to date

- get the bug fix fast

- 1 click save backup

- save/load games anytime

- Multi Controller support

- Multi Launcher 

- Multi Themes 

- Glass effect changer

- Bezels or Full screen 

- Favorites system or Games 

- Wallpaper Engine 
- Rainmeter

- Unique Interface and Art 

- Emulator are all preset 

- no download needed

- Great support

- Manufacture Warranty

The Beast is Plug and Play

after you install the Gaming Drivers that is provided in the Drive so the Beast experience will run smooth.      

- no need to Download or set anything !
- Everything is pre-install & pre-config
- You Need a Windows Pc and a XBOX Controller

there is so many features and goodies 
why not take a look on the youtube

and ask for a Discord invite 
so you ask other buyer and read all the feedback

Happy retro gaming guys !