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16TB / 112TB HDD ONLY  Retro Arcade System


The Most Complete Retro Arcade in the World!

Is a Multi Retro Arcade system game launcher

50 years of pure gaming Experience
That runs all generations from the 1970s up to date

that is all pre-config for your PC

All emulators / Games are installed and ready to play


Can be played in your living room actual TV
Can be played on your Arcade Cabinet
Can be played on your actual PC gaming setup


DRIVE 1 (D) /16 TB:  Pure Gaming Only

All Games & Main Operating Emulation Systems and art are in D drive.

D Drive can work as a Stand-Alone Drive for Pure Gaming Only

Add any Drive E – O – P – Q – R - S  in any order 
Buy Drive Later It plugs & play


The External enclosure  is not included
, you need to buy OR add 1/2/5/8 Orico or 10 Sabrent Bays External Enclosure Docking Station to your Cart.


* Time Frame to build is around 8/10Days plus 5/6 days at your door



---   PC Spec you need :

For 2TB / 16TB / 112TB *WILL NOT RUN on Mini Pc or Handheld or Laptop



- Need X64/X86 architecture Pc

- RYZEN CPU 5000 Series & Up

- INTEL CPU: 8th Generation and Up



RTX 2060 minimum and RTX 3060/4060 is recommended.

Radeon RX 6800 XT and more


Some Teknoparrot and other Last Gen Emulators games will not work properly on mini pc or Laptop APU .


You need a dedicated GPU. Nvidia is the best


RAM:16GB is recommended

Motherboard:USB 3.0 minimum or 3.1 is recommended

- Run Windows 10 / 11

- OPTIONAL :1 X Wii mote and USB MAY FLASH Wii BAR for Wii Games

- Controller : Xbox One/SeriesX Wireless / wired or Other Controller that use X-INPUT

More Info Discord

you will need a Patreon Sub From Teknoparrot  To run all TeknoParrot .

Free Delivery USA / Canada, No Taxes

✰ The Beast HDD 16/112TB



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